Why to assess radiosensitivity before radiation therapy?


Knowing each patient’s radiosensitivity level before treatment initiation allows:

  • in the absence of risk, reassuring the patient about radiotherapy;
  • in the presence of a risk of hypersensitivity, adapting the treatment and follow-up to minimize the occurrence of late complications and to manage them early.

Knowingeach patient’s radiosensitivity level is important because it can help to:

  • reassure the patient before starting radiation therapy
  • guide physicians in choosing the most appropriate treatment plan
  • adapt the patient’s follow-up after radiotherapy

Knowing the patient’s radiosensitivity level before treatment initiation can help to choose:

  • the radiotherapy technique
  • the total dose to be delivered
  • the number of sessions
  • the volume to be treated

If there is a proven risk of late radiotherapy-induced complications, an alternative treatment may be proposed to the patient if it is as effective as radiotherapy.

These different therapeutic options are discussed during the multidisciplinary team meeting and then with the patient.