What to eat during radiotherapy?


In most cases, patients can follow their normal diet and should only limit their intake of alcohol and spicy foods.

In most cases, no dietary adjustment should be made during radiation therapy. The usual The usual healthy diet recommendations shouldbe followed (avoiding foods rich in fat, salt or sugar, and eating a varied and balanced diet).

Nevertheless, in some cases, the radiation oncologist may ask the patients to adapt their diet. For instance, when radiotherapy concerns tumors in the abdomen or pelvis,, patients may be asked to follow a low-residue diet (limited consumption of fibers, fruits and vegetables) to reduce the risk of diarrhea during the treatment and to limit the intake of alcohol and spicy foods to decrease the risk of hemorrhoids

On the other hand, patients who receive radiotherapy for ENT or esophageal cancer are asked to eat a rich diet to limit the weight losscaused by swallowing troubles linked to the treatment.