The cancer treatment consultation


During this consultation, the physician describes and discusses with the patient the treatment plan collegially defined during the multidisciplinary team meeting. This is an important time of exchange between patient and physician during which the physician will present the proposed treatments and their timing, the expected benefits, and the possible side effects.

The treatment plan established during the multidisciplinary team meeting is proposed and discussed with the patient during a specific medical consultation, called the cancer treatment consultation. During this consultation, the physician explains to the patient the disease characteristics, the proposed treatments, the expected benefits, and the possible side effects.


The final treatment choice is made with the patient during this consultation, by taking into account his/her opinions and preferences.


After the treatment choice, the patient receives a document called Personalized Care Plan (PPS). The PPS includes the dates of the different treatments, their duration, and the contact information of the different care team members.

At the end of the cancer treatment consultation, the doctors proposes to the patient (and his/her family) a consultation with another member of the health care team, for example a nurse.